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Serious message

The world can be a tough place.
People say ‘doe’ this, and ‘doe’ that.
And before you know, you are the
kluts kwijt.
blijf in jezelf believen.

Don’t let you van de wijs brengen.
Let all the crazy people maar kletsen.

You know stukken better.

You probably know them: wisenoses. At work, at the hairdresser or maybe even you’re your friends. They always know better. A typical wisenose will say that it is actually smart ass… Whatever!

To keep them away I started making the Wisenose collection. The serious message from Olifantje is attached to every item, on a card/label. This also makes them a nice gift.

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ViefLaVie is a small brand based in Amsterdam with sustainable limited edition items.


The concept emerged at ArtEZ, where I was pushed to create my own signature. But then started a life of its own. Products just pop up sometimes, in a desire to become reality. They all tell a story. Inspired by the ‘little things that blow my mind’.


Besides ViefLaVie I’m working FT as a creative/copywriter at HPB.  I’m also a mom, coffee lover, ‘fashion addict’ and I try to live consciously and in all colors imaginable.


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